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--- Quote from: Badgirl66 on February 04, 2011, 04:24:33 PM ---In 1989 we made a Revolution without violence.

But Such GUYS not understand peaceful revolution unfortunately.

--- End quote ---

The violence came from the pro-Mubarak people. The demonstrations were 100% peaceful until the people who were against the revolution started raising hell.


Do you know what is happening in Egypt now?
Poor civilians!

If you're can't stand blood and corpses please do not watch. This video is 18+:
توثيقي مذبحة فض اعتصام رابعة

Some quotes from video

--- Quote from: IbrahimElMasry1 ---A documentary on the massacre of resolving sit fourth and scenes Mutrh to his mother crying baby burning and is watching her head
Ordnance, children and infants dying slowly as a result of gas
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Mal Fabian ---hundreds of innocent unarmed civilians being shot dead in Egypt for supporting their democratically elected government , leaving them no other option but to arm themselves and resist by what ever means they can , sadly nothing can now stop more violence until democratic elected government is restored , or until western taxpayers stop funding the Egyptian army to murder thousands of innocent unarmed Egyptian citizens for israel and the USA political policy
--- End quote ---

Many pictures and videos: http://trasyy.livejournal.com/1213642.html

Live from BBC

And now the Syria question....


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