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I like George's singing but....

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Hello Goodbye:

--- Quote from: Dcazz on February 14, 2013, 02:12:51 PM ---I agree Ted. George is crucial to their (can't find the right word) sound, exsistence...

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Say the word and you'll be free
Say the word and be like me
Say the word I'm thinking of
Have you heard the word is love?


Hello Goodbye:

--- Quote from: Klang on February 14, 2013, 02:23:55 PM ---Yep. Each member had a distinct sound, and together they made a wonderful blend.


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The Beatles - Because [Vocals Version] - Anthology 3 Disc 2 - 1996

John Lennon – triple-tracked lead harmony vocals (middle register)
Paul McCartney – triple-tracked second harmony vocals (high register)
George Harrison – triple-tracked third harmony vocals (low register)

The Beatles - Flying (2009 Stereo Remaster)

Vocals - John, Paul, George and Ringo


You know?... Timbre sounds right! : )


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