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Abracadabra - Ray Newman


My wife just bought an Amazon Kindle and while messing around on Amazon's e-book shop I did a search for Beatles titles. One of the first to come up was one called "Abracadabra, The Complete Story of The Beatles Revolver" by Ray Newman.
I did a google search for it to see if it had any reviews and discovered that you can download a free PDF copy from the author's own site -
I started reading it this evening and it looks really interesting. The first chapter is about George's discovery of Indian music and what a big effect that had on the whole Revolver album.
It's very well written and there has obviously been a lot of research done to back it up.

Has anyone else read it?

Not yet, but I will pick up the pdf copy. Thanks.

I had a re-read of this the other day. It's pretty thin overall (in content and size). The chapter on the influence of the Indian music is probably the high point. The author just seems to be getting into the meat of the recording of the album when he starts talking about the albums reception on release and it's legacy. Details on most of the songs are relegated to an appendix.

It's like he had an interesting essay on the influence of Indian music on Revolver and then decided to pad it out to make it a very short book (print length is 97 pages).  Still at $1.16 on kindle it's hard to go too wrong. It won't take much money or time out of your life. And it's not uninteresting. 

It's inspired me to also re-read Robert Rodriguez's Revolver: How the Beatles Reimagined Rock and Roll. My recollection was this was more substantial.


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