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Absolutely love this record by George, especially the title track and Devil's Radio  :)

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yeah i definitely love that album, devils radio, fish on the sand, breath away from heaven, got my mind set on you, all excellent tracks.

I agree. Great record. I havent busted it out in awhile. Might just have to do that.

It really is a great album!  I was just listening to this album this morning :)

We had to wait five years for this album... back in the day, and we had to wait another 15 for his posthumous album, not counting The Trembling Wilbury's.  ;)

I have loved this album since I heard it the first heard it back in '87. 1987 was a good Beatles year. George had a new album, and number one hit as well. Paul had a new Hits Collection, and a new UK single that I got in the US. The Beatles catalog came out on CD for the first time, and the solo albums started coming out on CD as well. I miss those times. It was fun and expensive being a Beatles fan.


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