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Please Please Me

Ok, lets get on with the first proper album.

1. I Saw Her Standing There - Nice early rocker, but I admit that I get tired of this song easily for some reason. First thing I noticed are the handclaps throughout the whole song. Not needed. They sound weird and off somehow. George’s guitar solo was passable. I liked John’s rhythm guitar sound and playing throughout. Ringo was tight as usual. Pauls voice was good and I like the constant moving bass. Decent song.

2. Misery - Not one of my favorites and not a lot to say about it. I think the piano sounds stupid in it and should have been a guitar, but that’s just me. Song has good harmonies and tight playing. Really not much else to add.

3. Anna (Go To Him) - I hate, I mean absolutely hate the backgound Anna’s in this song. They sound almost comical. Like long and drawn out burps before you puke dumb if you can get my meaning. In the same breath, the AH’s are nice and the polar opposite. John’s voice was decent enough for the song and Ringo was solid again.

4. Chains - Nice Ringo shuffle throughout. George’s voice is nice here. Good song for him. John’s rhythm guitar has a neat distorted sound to it. Sounds almost like a fuzz bass in my opinion. Paul’s higher background harmonies works on this song too. 1:28 John or George say something like Wow or something else. I couldn’t quite pick exactly what it was out, but its neat.

5. Boys - 0:31 I like Pauls scream. Thought George’s guitar sound and playing was kind or shaky throughout. Like the busy bass again. Background  vocals are nice. Ringo does alright for what it is (singing that is).

6. Ask Me Why - Woo Woo Woo’s annoy me bad. George and Paul sound good in the background together on this one. 0:51 mark the voices don’t mesh together. Not a whole lot more to add. it’s a decent enough song, but the ending sucks. They should have been able to come with something better than that.

7. Please Please Me - I’ve always liked this song. I don’t like the harmonica and guitar together part though. Just me though. Ringo kills on the skins. Backgrounds are good. 1:19 George ends the bar with a high note on the guitar. Really nice. Never noticed it before. 1:27 mark, obvious screw up with John and Pauls vocals. 1:33 mark, John sings the ’Come On’s’ half laughingly and with authority. Sounds funny. Wonder if it was due to the mess up at 1:27? At the 1:44 mark you can hear the song being played on top of  a slower version and its awful. Its really obvious. I don’t know if its due to the remasters or if it’s a studio blunder. I havent listened to the other version to find out.

8. Love Me Do - Tighter version than the Pastmasters version. Andy White must have had them on their best behavior.

9. PS I Love You - Another song I’ve liked forever. Pauls voice just sounds suited for this tune. He does a nice job. It doesn’t get much better than when Paul, John, and George takes a turn at the vocals. Love it. One thing that bothered me was the shaker throughout the song. Get rid of that and add some hi hats and I’m good to go.

10. Baby Its You - Love John’s ‘Uh Oh’s’ in this song. Don’t know why, but he nails that. George and Pauls backgrounds are good. Like the rhythm guitar sound. The xylephone (SP?) or whatever the hell it was during the solo kills the song. I seriously think it’s the reason why I never liked this version better.

11. Do You Want To Know A Secret - I like the guitar playing and tone on this one. I know I’m going to be crucified for this, but I think George’s voice is weak here. He does a fine job, it just feels weak to me. I cant explain it any better than that so I’m sure its only me. Moving on, the ‘Do Dah Do’s’ are silly sounding. Song killer for me. Probably could have done without the woodblock or drumstick tapping together at the 1:08 break too.

12. A Taste Of Honey - Here their voices together do not sound good in my opinion. I realize it’s a cover, but I think it’s a bad choice for them. Pauls voice on its own is good though. Go figure. Like the time change at 0:42. Did not like the messed up guitar strum at 1:14 mark. Don’t know if its George or John, but whoever it was tried to get fancy here and add another note or two and blew it. Not real noticeable, but its there. Backgrounds are good. Like Ringos use of  the brushes.

13. There’s A Place - Not a fan of that harmonica. Pauls higher background voice is nice on this one. George’s voice sounds kind of monotone throughout. Ringo plays well throughout but I hate his ending fill at 1:40 where he goes to the toms. Sounds dumb. A very average, vanilla song in my opinion.

14. Twist And Shout - The Beatles made this cover song their own. Johns voice gets a lot of credit on this song, but its deserving. George and Pauls backgrounds are good together. 1:09 mark, I like what Pauls doing with the bass line. Sweet. 1:23 Paul gives the bass 3 short stabs to end the bar. Very cool. Guitars are solid and sound good. At 2:09 theres that song on top of a song effect again. You can hear the echo of the the song being played at a different speed beneath the original again. It stops at the 2:18 mark though. Its not as bad as Please Please Me, but its there. Studio or remaster issue. Probably the latter.

good post  ;yes

@saw her standing - was this one of the first rock songs with the bass taking such a driving role?

@misery - enjoyable to me mostly because of john's vocal and what's common knowledge now about his life and childhood - also the falsetto near the end

@anna - come on man -  -this song creeeeps up on you so cool and sly. ringo is super syncopated

@ask me why - see, those woo woo woos are what i like -> they have this album showing diverse roots and influences. this is kind of like a showtune to be honest

@please please me - yeah, the tone of voice on john's later 'come on's make the song intelligent

@love me do/andywhite.... disagree - i think they had just played/practiced it more times by the andy white take

@psiloveyou - this song is everything i like about the beatles. it's like an old time song.. a bassonova,,, a gleeclub singalong... it's like nothing else, when pauls sings "you know i want you to" in a high voice at 1:27 . . . it's his musicality in a nutshell

@babyit'syou - the bbc version is a far better vocal take in my opinion. check it out

@do you want to kno a secret - i think this song lyrically carved a niche for george female fans and depicted him 'shy guy'..... when he sings 'for a week or two'... it's abstactly atonal.

@taste of honey - sounds tongue in cheek to me ala mr.moonlight

@there's a place - weird harmonies on one part . . introspective lyrics for such an early song .... and..... i think the beau brummels stole the sound of this song for 'laugh laugh'  . . . . and 'in my room' by the beach boys was influenced by it as well

@twist and shout
call the priest, build the casket, dig the hole...... all competition is officially dead !  ha2ha

my only criticism of your posts thusfar is that some of the things you don't like can be attributed to the times, the music industry, recording conditions, the state of rock when it came out etc
but hey -> at the end of the days it's all about the ears!!

In "Do You Want To Know A Secret", the bridge that says "I've got a secret for a week or two, nobody knows just we two", John wrote the lyric using the same word ("two") twice to make the rhyme. A little "sin" of him, but it actually works.

From your comments you are reviewing the Stereo version.

I have always admired the drums in 'Boys'. I think it is one of Ringo's best performances. He rocks.

'Please Please Me' does not have harmonica (What are you smoking, Gary...???) It is a mouth organ. Slightly different. I wish I could find the reference, but there is speculation out there that Ringo did not play drums here or on 'Ask Me Why'.

I admire John's vocal in 'Twist And Shout', but it isn't a song I am in love with. I do think it is amazing that John did such a good job in only two takes. I like John's cough/gag at the end. You can just feel his sore throat.

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--- Quote from: tkitna on March 18, 2011, 04:11:00 PM ---1. I Saw Her Standing There
--- End quote ---
floor rocker and a half. i don't think enough good things can be said about this song, the rocking bass line, the perfect harmonies, the trademark beatles chords and lyrics. a deceptively simple boy-meets-girl tale, exhuberant and sweet, to the point. it doesn't slow down, a bluesy offering with the trademark falsettos throughout. a masterpiece.


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