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Song vs. Same name song

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This game is like the Song vs. Song one, but this time you have to choose between two songs with the same name by two different artists. If you can, put a video for each song.

I'll start with this: "Bluebird" (Buffalo Springfield) vs. "Bluebird" (Paul McCartney)

Buffalo Springfield - Bluebird

Paul McCartney & Wings Bluebird (2010 Remastered).

In My Life:

The Dave Clark Five - Because

The Beatles, Because


"Somebody To Love" (Jefferson Airplane) vs. "Somebody To Love" (Queen)

somebody to love-jefferson airplane

Queen Somebody to Love (lyrics)

In My Life:

Too hard to choose; I love both songs!

Let's Dance-Chris Montez-'62-Monogram 505.wmv

David Bowie - Let's Dance

Sorry I couldn't find one without an ad. Do his pupils look weird in this?  ???

I prefer the Chris Montez song, not a fan of David Bowie here.

"Run Run Run" (The Who) vs. "Run Run Run" (Velvet Underground)

Run Run Run - The Who

The Velvet Underground- Run Run Run


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