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Please Please Me album - whats your story ?

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--- Quote from: Bobber on April 05, 2011, 07:03:32 AM ---Brisbane... I once danced in the rain with a Danish girl there. It was pouring. lol

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I think it was raining the one time I was in Brisbane too.
Nimrod, you must feel right at home there, being from Manchester!
Only joking  ;)

Can't remember when I first bought the PPM album, but it will have been in the late 70s or early 80s. I first got into the Beatles when I was 9 - it was 1976 and EMI were putting out a lot of reissues before their contract expired, so The Beatles were everywhere. I got hooked and started getting albums one by one. Some were really cheap used copies and some I got new, if I had some Christmas money or whatever.
PPM I bought new - probably one of the last of the albums I got, actually. It was the two-box EMI label version and I still have it.
I remember loving the song Anna from the first time I heard it, and I still love it now.
Once I had a copy of every UK album I stopped buying Beatles vinyl for quite a few years, then about 15 years ago I started again, and now have stuff from all over the world. And one of my favourites is a black and gold label version of PPM - one of the first UK copies of the album.

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--- Quote from: nimrod on March 31, 2011, 09:05:14 PM ---Yes I grew up in Manchester England, since then I have lived in LA, then Brisbane Australia (for 20 years).

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that's neat. perhaps you must have a compleat insiders view of the music scene, i would imagine.

I think I was a Beatle fan from the time I was born... well, it feels like it. I don't know how I came upon them, I must have heard them on the radio or something when I was very young. I was 5 when they broke up.

All through my youth, teenage years I loved listening to them. When I was probably 17 or so, I saw Beatlemania! Now, I was really hooked. I would scan the radio dial until I heard a Beatles song (it was much more frequent back then). I finally realized how ridiculous that was so I stopped at a record store and bought '20 Greatest Hits' and 'Live At The Hollywood Bowl' on cassette. My collection continued to build, until I saw the Blue Box for the first time and knew I had to have one. When I brought it home, I started listening... Please Please Me was one of those albums. So I got everything all at once. Financially, it was not the best decision of my life, as I couldn't really afford it, but I just had to have it.

The rest is history. Now I have a huge collection...

The first Beatles albums I bought were all in cassette format. I bought Please Please Me the same day I bought Sgt. Pepper's, and I already had Help!, Revolver and Let It Be. I wanted Please Please Me because it had "Twist And Shout", one of the few songs I knew before becoming a Beatles fan. I remember the first time I listened to "Love Me Do", I didn't know which song it was before listening to it, but strangely the same harmonica line came to my mind before the B-side of the cassette started. That was kinda scary, surely I may have heard the song before somewhere, but I had no idea that this song was "Love Me Do". Nice days those, when the Beatles were something new to me.

I had only listened to Relvolver, Sgt. Pepper, The White Album, and Abbey Road, all of which were actually owned by my dad. I was intruiged by the complexity and bought Magical Mystery Tour, and was less than impressed. My friend gave me an issue of Life Story magazine about the Beatles and I became interested in what their early pop stuff sounded like. I downloaded Please Please Me, and was shocked by how much energy they could fit into 2-minute pop tunes. I became so hooked I bought the rest of their albums, the American soundtrack albums, and all the bootlegs I could find. and Please Please Me started it all.


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