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In My Life:
Here's something for when you have a bit of time... Read the transcript first then look at the video. It's still pictures at first but hang in there; there is video eventually. Very poor video and audio but I think it's interesting because it really shows the divide between the younger generation and "the establishment", represented here by Joe Garagiola and Tallulah Bankhead. You can just tell that they don't get John and Paul at all, especially when John leads them into the first commercial. You don't pick up on the condescending attitude from just reading the transcript but without the transcript nothing makes sense on the video. Maybe you've all seen this before but I searched and didn't find it on here.

Tonight Show 14.05.1968 Beatles Homerecording

Hello Goodbye:
Thank you for posting that video, Kelley.  Fortunately, someone filmed it and we have it to enjoy today.

It's too bad Johnny Carson was away.  He would have done a much better job interviewing John and Paul and shared in their humor and we wouldn't have the disconnect we see here.  I also think that the commercial breaks added to the discontinuity.  Reading the transcript, as you suggested, helps this make sense.  But it's obvious on the video that John and Paul had a hard time relating to the two guest hosts and didn't feel very comfortable.

In My Life:

--- Quote ---It's too bad Johnny Carson was away.
--- End quote ---

I think John and Paul thought so too. One of them said "Where's Johnny?"...several times I think.

--- Quote ---Reading the transcript, as you suggested, helps this make sense
--- End quote ---

I was all excited the first time I found this video but when I watched it I thought, "What the heck was that?" Yea for transcripts.  ;)

Hello Goodbye:
Johnny Carson was a terrific comedian and talk show host.  He was skilled in interacting with his guests and knew how to put them at ease.  I think that John and Paul were really disappointed that he was away.  Johnny Carson no doubt would have let them do most of the talking and would have led them into commercial breaks differently.

Nada Surf:
This is an amazing video. Unfortunately, the main video of this show, like other Carson shows in this period, was destroyed by fire...
I live in Phoenix where Joe Garagiola lives...I'm going to try to get an interview with him this spring specifically about that interview.


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