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Rubber Revolver/Revolver Soul - what is your 1 album from 2

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I tried this once before when someone else started a thread about it elsewhere after being inspired by George's comment that he saw them both as part of the same album. I just don't see it. Revolver just seemed a lot different in a lot of ways to Rubber Soul which, despite the minor changes in the use of Sitar and more important changes in the more creative lyrics, just seem to be a continuation of the album creation process that they'd employed until then. Revolver was radically different plus Geoff Emerick had arrived then. Basically the sound and feel of the songs on these two albums just don't fit well together so I couldn't do a fantasy complilation.

Side 1:

1. Drive My Car
2. Norwegian Wood
3. Eleanor Rigby
4. She Said She Said
5. Here, There and Everywhere
6. Girl
7. Got to Get You into My Life

Side 2:

1. I'm Only Sleeping
2. In My Life
3. I'm Looking Through You
4. Nowhere Man
5. The Word
6. For No One
7. Tomorrow Never Knows


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