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Rubber Revolver/Revolver Soul - what is your 1 album from 2

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two quiet openers 7 of 13 ?

you dont go in for the rockier type of opener to your album, interesting  ;)

7 of 13:

--- Quote from: nimrod on May 15, 2011, 10:45:23 PM ---two quiet openers 7 of 13 ?

you dont go in for the rockier type of opener to your album, interesting  ;)

--- End quote ---
well honestly i was trying to pull a fast one here and keep the artistic integrity intact yet try to pull a coherent and cohesive selection of songs out of those two albums which are very closely related. the truth being is that you could close your eyes and not fail in any case, besides i like nowhere man just for the sound effects and the gentle lyrics, even though there is clearly a distinct rumbling going on after the show is over and you strip away the several layers of direct and not quite so indirect meanings and interpretations. also not to have I'm Only Sleeping on this set of songs, collection of songs and this album would be totally criminal. i also thought of trying to fit Yellow Submarine in there even though i knew it was a lost cause, i would have had to rearrange, recombinate, repermutate and re-order the album from top to bottom, giving it an entirely different foundation and giving it an entirely different flavor. as you may have noticed i made the standard Lennon and McCartney pulls leaving almost without exception a strong Harrison track to contend with. it is by this type of methodology that i chanced upon the similarity between The Void aka tomorrow never knows and love you to and i want to tell you, besides the warm and progressive chord changes that accompany that track. otherwise it would have been standard beatles stuff, one has guitar, one has piano, george is singing this, john is singing that, the drums sound neat, etc. hope that makes any sense there nimrod.

Side One:
2.I'm Only Sleeping
3.She Said She Said
4.And Your Bird Can Sing
5.For No One
6.Got To Get You Into My Life
7.Tomorrow Never Knows

Side Two:
2.Think For Yourself
3.Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)
4.What Goes On
5.If I Needed Someone
6.Run For Your Life
7.In My Life

Sorry, but I don't consider these similar albums at all.

Here is a great site to compare the them.

Many people assume Revolver is a little better than RS, but are surprised at how even they are once they vote using this system because it takes into account if you like a song a lot more or just a little more for each match up.



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