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What was Ringo's best drumming

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In My Life:


--- Quote from: glass onion on May 24, 2011, 01:10:55 PM ---rain was recorded a lot quicker than it's release though,the drumming track was slowed down,this is why ringo likes it so much probably.i agree with 'i feel fine' and 'she said,she said'.i would also add 'old brown shoe',and 'act naturally'.there are more.....

--- End quote ---

'Act Naturally' for sure. Damn song beats me down everytime. 'Old Brown Shoe' isnt bad. The only tuff part for me is the '1E&2E&3E&4E&' before the break and after where he plays it on the snare and hats at the same time. (Each hand does the same thing basically). Sometimes it gets loose on me during that part.

glass onion:
there is also 'help!' which is a hard one to replicate,ringo plays it so smoothly.the matched rolls in 'i want to hold your hand' and one that seldom gets a mention is 'tell me why' which is a real gem.'get back' is a tuffee to play as smooth as ringo.the man was so on the money.

'Tell Me Why' is an easy and fun one to play, but I hate the song. 'Cant Buy Me Love' has a rough shuffle in it also.

thanks for the insights tkitna, Ive never chatted to a drummer before about Ringo, the only time I mentioned him to a drummer we had in our band once he said, 'you must understand, Ringo Starr cannot play drums' I changed the subject  ha2ha

maybe we should all do a youtube of ourselves playing a Beatle track  :D


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