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What was Ringo's best drumming

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Hey tkitna, thank you for the welcome! This is a great forum, I really enjoy it.

--- Quote ---Paul was the best at his particular instrument though. Ringo had his own style and was great, but Paul was so innovative on the bass at the time, that many top players (Jamerson, etc,,,) were influenced.
--- End quote ---

I would venture to say just as many great drummers have been influenced by Ringo, including Phil Collins, Max Weinberg, Jim Keltner and many others. Of course, the matter of 'best' among The Beatles is purely a matter of opinion on my part. I certainly think Paul is one of the best bassists ever, and would definitely rank him second on his particular instrument after Ringo!

--- Quote ---Yeah, Purdies great and a legendary player, but he's a legendary bag of air too.

--- End quote ---

LOL no doubt about that. I just thought it interesting that he believes himself to be one of the greats, and yet tries to convince people that's HIM playing on those recordings, when we all know it's Ringo! He must think very highly indeed of Ringo's playing.


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