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What is your favorite Beatle-esque song by another artist.  Mine is probably "Lies" by the Knickerbockers.  It really sounds like the Beatles.

Lies - The Knickerbockers

Hello Goodbye:
Great thread, revenert!

The Searchers' When You Walk In The Room always sounded very Beatle-esque to me...

When You Walk In The Room

When you walk in the room - The Searchers
The Searchers   1964

It's one of my favorites from this group as is another very Beatle-esque song they did...

Needles And Pins

THE SEARCHERS - Needles And Pins
The Searchers   1964

Smyle - It's Gonna Be Alright.

This group was formed in The Hague, Holland and was specialized in copying the Beatles sound. Lead singer Bas Muys later became famous with Stars On 45.

Earlier Beatles -

The Dave Clark Five - Because

Later Beatles -

The Buckinghams-Just Because I've Fallen Down/Any Place In Here/Any Place In Here-Reprise

The Pretty Things - Baron Saturday [audio only]

Sounds like Paul -

Emitt Rhodes - She's Such A Beauty (Embedding disabled, limit reached)

This Zombies' song reminds me to "And I Love Her".

The Zombies - I remember when I loved her


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