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June 11th

1960: Live: Grosvenor Ballroom, Wallasey

This was The Silver Beetles’* third concert at the Grosvenor Ballroom within a week, and one that didn’t pass without incident. More:Beatles Bible

That would be the Ronnie Incident.

*They may have been The Beatles by then. This blog post asserts that they were, in print:

“Fellow Beatles fan Robin Bird said: Historians have said the Silver Beetles changed their name to the Beatles when they left for Hamburg on August 16, 1960 starting a new chapter in their amazing musical career. However, from the old cuttings it is apparent the band changed their name before that date when they played at the Grosvenor Ballroom.” Wog Blog

In his book Tune In, Mark Lewisohn claims it was officially changed even before this date: “It was in this time frame (May 18-19 1960, just before the Johnny Gentle tour), that the name evolved once more, when the Silver was dropped and they became the Beatles unadorned. While Stu (Sutcliffe) held out for the Beatals just a little longer, and Allan Williams continued to call them the Silver Beetles (and advertise them this way) well into the summer they were, clean and clear, the Beatles. page 307

So what about these cuttings? I would like to see these things but I can’t seem to find them on the Internet, just mention of them, like in the article that prompted the blog post: Beatles named and dated

At any rate, Allan Williams seems to have been well known for not getting the name right. Who can blame him though, when it changed so many times?

1961: Performance at the Top Ten Club, 136 Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany

1962: Radio: Teenager’s Turn – Here We Go

The Beatles’ second radio appearance took place on this day, on the BBC show Teenager’s Turn – Here We Go. The recording took place at the Playhouse Theatre in Manchester. The Beatles took part in rehearsals from 4pm, and the show was taped from 8.45-9.30pm. This edition of Teenager’s Turn – Here We Go was broadcast on the BBC Light Programme on Friday 15 June from 5-5.30pm. The Beatles performed three songs before a studio audience: Ask Me Why, Besame Mucho and A Picture Of You. Ask Me Why was therefore the first Lennon-McCartney song to be broadcast. Beatles Bible

1964: The Beatles arrive in Australia

The Beatles flew from Hong Kong to Sydney, stopping en route in Darwin to allow their aeroplane to refuel. Although it was an unscheduled stop, 400 fans were waiting as they landed in Darwin at 2.35am. Although they were unable to leave their hotel, in the evening The Beatles gave a series of interviews, press conferences and photography sessions, and met a number of concert promoters and local dignitaries. Also on this day, Ringo Starr was discharged from University College Hospital, London, allowing him to fly to Australia to rejoin the group.
More here:Beatles Bible

The rainy arrival at 0:00-0:43:

Dick Lean, managing director of Stadiums Limited, would later remember about the Sydney press conference: "They were just brilliant, under any circumstance. They handled the press with a sharp reparte that we'd just never seen before." The Beatles had once again charmed the all-important press. An editorial in Sydney's Sun newspaper proclaimed: "Their press conference showed that teenagers are not necessarily fools when it comes to picking winners. One cannot 'ready' a press conference. Questions are asked and answered off the cuff very quickly... they showed considerable insight into the secret of their own success."
Jay Spangler, www.beatlesinterviews

Press conference transcript here

Part 1

Part 2 (Embedding disabled, limit reached)

Meet the Truck that Drove the Beatles (Includes lots of pictures and some audio of interviews)

How The Beatles came on tour to Australia nearly 50 years ago

Peter Cox was seven on June 11 of 1964, and remembers watching TV footage of the Beatles arriving in Sydney, in the pouring rain. “In those days there was no breakfast television, but Channels 7 and 9 had cameras at the airport; it was a television event,” he smiles.
More here

1965: The Beatles to be awarded MBEs

Brian Epstein requested that Paul McCartney and Jane Asher return from their Portuguese holiday a day early, so all The Beatles could be in Britain on the day it was announced that they would be awarded the Member of the Order of the British Empire.
More:Beatles Bible

1968: Recording, mixing: Blackbird, Revolution 9

George Harrison and Ringo Starr were both in America on this day, but John Lennon and Paul McCartney made the most of the studio block-booking throughout June to continue work on the White Album.

A film crew from Apple, directed by Tony Bramwell, was present during the session, ostensibly to make a 10-minute promotional short for the company. Recorded onto 16mm film, the footage captured McCartney working on Blackbird and Helter Skelter on an acoustic guitar, as well as various other scenes from inside the studio, in the Apple Boutique, Apple Tailoring, McCartney’s garden and other locations. Other people featured in the promo, which was simply titled Apple, included Lennon, Mary Hopkin, James Taylor, Dick James, Alexis Mardas and NEMS’s Alistair Taylor.

Fortunately, the sound recordist also made a 41-minute tape of McCartney rehearsing Blackbird, from which we can see the song take shape.
McCartney continues recording, and eventually manages a full take. His fourth attempt from this time was released on 1996′s Anthology 3. Thirty-two takes of Blackbird were recorded during this session, just 11 of which were complete.
More:Beatles Bible

Paul McCartney and Mary Hopkin are filmed for Apple Records

At EMI Studios on this day, Paul McCartney was filmed with Apple Records’ new signing Mary Hopkin, as part of a promotional film for the label. More: Beatles Bible

Tony Bramwell, in his book Magical Mystery Tours: My Life with the Beatles discussed the film. He said, among other things, “John Lennon insisted on including footage of Magic Alex in his habitual white coat, fiddling with a pile of junk.”

That brief passage certainly says a lot about his opinion of the “electronics expert” and his relationship with the Beatles.

The film: Apple (Embedding disabled, limit reached)

George and Ringo were still in California:

Meanwhile, back in California, ….George and Ravi Shankar returned to the previous Big Sur location and were filmed participating in a teach-in and chatting as they walked together along the cliff-top. 1

2009: Yoko Ono honoured by Mojo magazine

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In My Life:
Sorry I've fallen so far behind on what I said I was going to do. I will get back to it but in the meantime I want to share this episode of Top Gear which was recorded on July 14, 1964 and premiered 50 years ago today. It was the first episode of the program and one of only two featuring The Beatles. I think it's one of the most gear BBC Beatles appearances ever, especially the trailers at the beginning.

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