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In My Life:
June 14th

1961: Performance at the Top Ten Club, 136 Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany

1963: Tower Ballroom, New Brighton, Wallasey

A sensational final return to an old stomping ground-always one of The Beatles favorite venues-to play another in “The Mersey Beat Showcase” series presented by NEMS Enterprises. 1

This was their final appearance here.

Wallasey historian and author Tony Franks-Buckley wrote about this popular resort.

The New Brighton Tower & Fairground

Back before I was born New Brighton was a "Great" British Seaside Resort. It was more popular than Blackpool, offered many things to enjoy, and at one point in time had the highest tower in Britain. By the time I was born in 1981 it was all gone and as if it never existed. How did a booming leisure resort disapear virtually overnight?

A year later…

New Brighton – The Rise From The Ashes

There is once again a feel good factor about our beloved seaside resort New Brighton, something that has been missing since the day it turned into a ghost town virtually overnight in 1969. A new facelift with healthy investment has seen the phoenix rise from the ashes once more. Whilst it still holds many of the values and ideas of a Victorian Seaside Resort, it has also been given a 21stCentury facelift, ensuring that once again New Brighton is a popular seaside resort.

1964: Ringo Starr gives a press conference in Sydney, Australia

Ringo Starr arrived in Sydney on the morning of 14 June 1964, following a long flight from London Airport via San Francisco. He spent less than two hours in the city before catching a connecting flight to Melbourne, where he was reunited with the other Beatles. At the airport a press conference was held for the assembled reporters. Brian Epstein, The Beatles’ manager, was also present. More:Beatles Bible

Interview Transcript here.


Ringo rejoins The Beatles in Australia

After almost two weeks apart from the group due to his tonsillitis and pharyngitis, Ringo Starr finally rejoined The Beatles in Melbourne, Australia.

Meanwhile, the other three Beatles left their Adelaide hotel at 12.15 and flew to Melbourne on a chartered Ansett ANA Fokker Friendship. They were greeted by a crowd of 5,000.

Army and navy units were brought in to help control the crowds, cars were crushed, hundreds of girls fainted and over 50 people were admitted to hospital with broken bones.

After all four Beatles had been reunited they held – along with stand-in drummer Jimmie Nicol – a press conference.

Press Conference Videos

In the evening they held a party, without Nicol, until 4am.
More: Beatles Bible

Southern Cross Hotel balcony

Ringo rejoined the Beatles in Melbourne on June 14th 1964 following his ten day hospital recovery from accute tonsilitis. As Ringo Starr and Brian Epstein arrived in Melbourne, they witnessed the beginnings of the incredible gathering that would greet the other Beatles arrival later that afternoon. The car carrying Ringo and Brian pulled up to the main public entrance where 3,000 fans had already gathered. Jay Spangler

More info, including interview transcripts here.

Outside the Southern Cross Hotel

She’s still a Lady Beatle: Binny Lum’s unedited interview with The Beatles

The NFSA is celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Beatles’ tour of Australia with the launch of an unedited interview with three of The Beatles recorded in London in April 1964, a couple of months before they arrived in Australia. The interviewer was Binny Lum, an Australian freelance radio and television personality known for her friendly conversational style. Previously heard in edited versions, release of the complete interview on our SoundCloud channel marks the first time the unedited recording has been made available.
Several months after the interview, Lum got the chance to meet the Beatles again during their Australian tour. Lum’s daughter Sharon Terry relates that the Beatles were apparently waiting for Lum at the Southern Cross Hotel in Melbourne, expecting a follow-up interview with her but she never received the message. There was a lot of pressure wherever they went said Sharon. Perhaps someone made sure she didn’t get the message, or maybe it simply got lost along the way, by accident. Lum did meet them again at the official press reception on 14 June at the Southern Cross Hotel in Melbourne where she posed in a photo with them.]The Beatles in Melbourne[/url]

Beatles documentary takes viewers on a magical history tour

Back in England…
Suspicious of the contents, workers at a railway station in London opened a large chest addressed to the Beatles and found Carol Dryden, a 12-year-old fan who had decided to mail herself to the band.
The Olde Disc Jockey’s Almanac
She didn’t know they weren’t there to receive the package.

1965: US album release: Beatles VI
The Beatles’ US label, Capitol Records, released the album Beatles VI on this day.

Recording: I’ve Just Seen A Face, I’m Down, Yesterday

Three songs were recorded on this day, the most notable of which was Paul McCartney‘s timeless classic Yesterday. More: Beatles Bible

What makes Paul’s recording of “Yesterday”, the supreme melodic ballad, all the more remarkable, is that it directly followed the taping of “I’m Down”, a quasi-soul/rock and roll song delivered by Paul in the most larynx-tearing, cord-shredding style.1

It is announced that plans to film “A Talent For Loving” as the third Beatles film have been dropped. Absolute Elsewhere

In June 1965, a brief statement was circulated to the media, the contents of which explained that plans to film A Talent For Loving in the autumn had been cancelled. The reason? As most of the movie had to be filmed on location in Spain, it was now felt that the weather would not be reliable. But wasn't that the reason Spain was chosen in the first instance? The Beatles, insisted Brian Epstein somewhat vaguely, were working on alternative plans, which would be made public at a later date. Fab Four Forever

1966: Recording: Here, There and Everywhere

The backing track for one of Paul McCartney‘s Revolver highlights, Here, There And Everywhere, was begun on this day. The session began at 7pm and finished at 2am the following morning. The Beatles recorded four takes of the basic track, after which vocal harmonies were overdubbed by McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison. These recordings remain unreleased, however, and two days later The Beatles began a remake of the song. Beatles Bible

1967: Recording: All You Need Is Love

On 18 May 1967 a contract was signed committing The Beatles to represent the BBC and Britain in a worldwide satellite broadcast on Sunday 25 June. They were to be shown performing an especially-written song: All You Need Is Love. Unable to book space at EMI Studios at short notice, the group assembled at Olympic Sound Studios in Barnes, London, on this day to record the rhythm track. They mostly used unfamiliar instruments: John Lennon played harpsichord; Paul McCartney used a double bass; George Harrison played a violin; and Ringo Starr was on drums.The Beatles recorded 33 takes, but felt that take 10 was the best. A reduction mix was then made, with all instruments copied onto track one of a new four-track tape. Beatles Bible

1969: Television: John Lennon and Yoko Ono on The David Frost Show
John Lennon and Yoko Ono pre-recorded an appearance on The David Frost Show on this evening. More: Beatles Bible

David Frost Show (Embedding disabled, limit reached)


During a Walls and Bridges planning session at the Record Plant Studios in New York, Al Coury, Capitol Record’s head of promotions in California, informs John Lennon that he has retrieved Phil Spector’s Rock ‘n’ Roll album tapes. Capitol had handed over $90,000 to Spector in order to get them back. Absolute Elsewhere
1976: The Beatles album "Rock 'N' Roll Music" was certified Gold. The Olde Disc Jockey’s Almanac

1996: Beatles producer, George Martin, is awarded a knighthood. Absolute Elsewhere

2013: In Manchester, Tennessee, 70-year-old Paul McCartney played 24 Beatles classics and seven Wings songs in a two-and-a-half-hour set for 80,000 fans at the 12th annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. The Olde Disc Jockey’s Almanac

Performance (Embedding disabled, limit reached)



--- Quote ---Workers at a London railway station open a tea chest addressed to the Beatles and find 12-year-old Carol Dryden, a fan who'd decided to mail herself to the group.
--- End quote ---

Crazy fan and so  young.

In My Life:
June 15th

2002, A rare autographed copy of The Beatles’ album Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band sold at auction for £34,000 ($57,800), more than five times the estimated price.

In My Life:
June 16th

1966: The Beatles made a surprise live appearance on the UK television program Top of the Pops, performing ‘Paperback Writer’ and ‘Rain’. It became The Beatles' last live musical television appearance, with the sole exception of the June 1967 worldwide transmission of ‘All You Need Is Love’.

In My Life:
June 17th

1964: The Beatles' final two shows in Melbourne, Australia took place on this day.

This was The Beatles' last of three consecutive nights of shows in the city's Festival Hall, Each night they gave two concerts, which were enjoyed by a total of 45,000 people.

Cameras from the Australian Channel 9 recorded the sixth and final show of the Melbourne leg of the world tour. It was screened on 1 July 1964 as an hour-long special, The Beatles Sing For Shell, named after the oil company which sponsored the broadcast.

Nine of The Beatles' Melbourne performances were included in the show: I Saw Her Standing There, You Can't Do That, All My Loving, She Loves You, Till There Was You, Roll Over Beethoven, Can't Buy Me Love, Twist And Shout and Long Tall Sally. During Long Tall Sally, a male audience member rushed onto the stage to shake John Lennon's hand.

The Beatles' manager Brian Epstein had initially agreed to allow Channel 9 to show just 12 minutes of the performance. However, after watching the recording an hour after the show he had a change of heart and increased the limit to 20 minutes.

In the end 22 minutes of The Beatles were included, the rest of the hour being footage of Australian and international performers. The only song from the set not broadcast was This Boy. 
BeatlesArchives HQ (YouTube)

Full concert, including support acts:

updated 12/13/12

1965: Working at Abbey Road studios in London The Beatles completed work on the new Paul McCartney song ‘Yesterday’ with the overdubbing of an additional vocal track by McCartney and a string quartet. They also recorded ‘Act Naturally’ for Ringo's vocal contribution on the ‘Help!’ album and the song ‘Wait’, in four takes. ‘Wait’ will not be included on ‘Help!’, it was included on the following LP, ‘Rubber Soul’.


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