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My Mum was watching a television program one night with Beatles impersonators...and when she told me about it she said they had a very convincing John, Paul and Ringo could be found.
Well, I could have solved their problem, my friend looks so much the same as him! I must get a picture to show you all and see if you agree!

please do.....

How do I put a link to a picture on this page??? I will scan the photo and try to get it on here if possible...but I'm unsure of how to do this!

I think you have to put it on another website first.

Beatle Ed:
Yeah upload it to a server. And the post it like this (img) image url.jpg(/img) except make the ( )'s into [   and ]..  Yep.. And if all else fails mail it to me and I'll upload it for ya. :-)


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