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Our never ending Beatles story 2!

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I heard that people want to get this going again and the other one stoped so i hope i can get a new one going post ideas here :) then we can start

don't just start something new. example: Ringo and John was walking down the street. NEXT post: Aleins came and killed everyone.
please don't do that
keep it PG
anyone can join
Please don't fight
Have fun! :D

I guess i'll start.

It was 1962 and The Beatles were playing at the Cavern.
While everyone else was screaming,there were 2 girls in the back at a table,being as calm as a cucumber.
"Whats the big deal about these "Beatles"?" asked one girl,named Rocky(my new obsession..BALBOA!),in a very thick southern accent.
"I've no idea.."said the other,named (insertnamehere,BeatlesRLove!),in a Liverpudlian accent.

Which is when Paul spotted them. "Aye John! Wonder why them girls in the back arent attacking?"
"I dont know..lets go see them." John replied."Come on George,Ringo! We're gonna go see whats wrong with those girls in the back!"
"Alright." George said. "Sure." Ringo then replied.

Rocky elbowed Sarah(TEMPORARY NAME!) "they's comin' over here Sarah!"
"Let 'em!Jess and Allie will be here any minute" Just then Jess and Allie,Jess being Rocky's sister and Allie being Sarah's sister,came in.
"Over there" Jess pointed at Rocky and Sarah. They walked over and sat down. Rocky told them about the Beatles coming over to see them. "Well they're taking a while,arent they?" Allie asked.
"They're famous...they gotta sign autographs on the way!" Rocky answered.Everyone could have a good laugh at that.They finally made it over to the table.

"Aye girls." Paul said,leaning on an elbow he rested on the table."So,what are you all doing back here?"
"Ain't doin nothin" Rocky replied,her accent strong.
"You're definetly not from here." George said. She noticed the sweet twinkle in his eyes.
"No I'm not."
"How bout i buy you a drink?"
"That'd be nice!"
While George and Rocky went over to the bar and chatted away,both blushing at the other's comments,the other Threetles talked to Allie,Sarah and Jess.
After half an hour Paul had to yell at George,"COME ON GEORGE WE GOTTA PERFORM!".
George kissed Rocky's hand and said "Same time tomorrow?"
"Alrighty" she told him.
The three girls went home before the next performance.
"So Rocky,how'd it go with Georgie-Porgie?" Jess asked jokingly.That was like pressing an on button for talking.Rocky talked about George till she fell asleep on the couch.Then at about 12 they woke her up and told her to go to bed.So she went up to her room and changed into pajamas and passed out.

Rocky's screaming woke up everybody to where Jess ran in.
"JESS!!JESS!! OH THE WORLD'S A-ENDIN' MAKE IT STOP!!!" And she went to screaming again.
Then Jess took her outside to see the snow. Rocky stuck her tongue out and caught a snow flake."*scream*IT BUUUURRRRRRNNNNSSSSS!!!" "Rocky its just cold!" "Oh..."

( i have no better name XD I'll just use my real name)

" I....i....It's FREEZIN'!!!!!!!!!!!" Alie yelped.
" Shhhhh!!!,Your gonna wake up mum....." Karieann said looking out the window."It's not like yea never seen snow befour. "
As Alie rolled her eyes Karieann opened the window took a big clump of snow and threw it at Allie.
"Aye!!! You're a  Divvy!" Allie pouted as she looked at her night gown.
Karieann snickered as she put went into the other room to put on her clothes

A little while later the two went out side to meet Jess and Rocky.
" They're not gonna be e'are, I don't wanna wait in the co'd." Allie sighed
" Is wrong they're gonna be here!" Karieann said leaning on the lamp post.
" Is right!!" Allie started to get into a fit.
" See I told yea." Karieann smiled as she hugged Jess.

"Sorry we took so long." Rocky said
"S'alright,Rocky." Karianne told her. "GUESS WHAT ROCKY DID THIS MORNING!" Jess practically screamed.So she told them about Rocky being afraid of the snow at first.Everyone laughed until Rocky spoke up.
"So what happend between you guys and the Threetles?"
Jess got invited on a date from Ringo,Karianne got a date with Paul,and Allie found out that John was married.
"Bummer." Rocky said to Allie.
"Yeah,he's got a kid too." Allie told her.
Rocky looked at her watch and noticed it was 3 o' clock."Well,we've got dates at 4,so lets go shopping!!!"
Rocky bought a Red pair of PF Flyers,Karianne got a new dress to wear on her date,Jess got a new cowboy hat,and Allie got a fake ring she was gonna use to make John jealous.
"Well,it's 3:45,lets go into the store and change clothes." Karianne said.
So they went inside and changed clothes,which took a remarkable 2 minutes!
They rushed back to the Cavern where the boys told them to meet them at "4:00 SHARP!!"(in Paul's words)
The boys werent there so they all bought yarn balls at a nextdoor store called "Yarn Yarn Yarn all you can eat Yarn".It was a store for all the yarnearers across liverpool(haha,randomness).Rocky hid behind a Table with her giant bag of yarn so she could pelt George.
The boys finally came in.
"Hey girls." Paul said sweet as iced tea.
"Wheres Rocky?" George asked.   "Late,as always."Jess replied.
Rocky burst out in a war cry and pelted them with yarn.
Then she hid under the table.So George went under there and was all like "YARN BALLS YARN BALLS YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY!!!" and scared the living daylights out of Rocky and she screamed until George kissed her to make her shutup.Then they went on their little date.

"Well they're playing my favorite song.Care to dance,madame?"Paul took Karianne's hand. "That would be wonderful."
Ringo took Jess Ice skating.
And Allie made John so jealous that he divorced Cynthia (Dont take it like i dont like Cynhtia,cause John and Cyn were cutest together in my opinion!) and John took Allie out to Thai food.

(Scuze my randomness,I'M ALL JACKED UP ON MT. DEW!!!!!)

Jess and Ringo got onto the ice ink after puting on there skates.

"I...I'm not very good at thi...thi..." Jess stated, then fell to the ground.
"Well, thats ok cuz i'm a naturalist." Ringo Bluffed as he picked up Jess. " Yeah i've won awards for my greatness."
"Oh really, then show me some of yer "GREATNESS"." Jess laughed.
"Well... aye aft to go to the restroom first." Ringo excused himself to the bathroom.

Allie blushed at John. " So do you like the Thai?"
"Well it's allways good to try new things.. hehe." John said as he poked his food.
"So now that your divorsed and all..." Allie started.
" Aye.... ar 'ey (oh no!) I need to go to the restroom!" John exclamied running to the restroom.   


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