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Some of you know about my website mostly dedicated to pop/rock music http://www.murashev.com/dmdl/ It contains discographies, lyrics, a little of reviews; now it also have mp3 album previews, which you can listen to, for example `McCartney': http://www.murashev.com/dmdl/disk.php?disk=242 This is my web-site's new feature. Hope they won't sue me  roll:)

It was the introduction. Now the business.

I'm looking for a new domain for my DM's Music History site, something like allmusic.com, music.com or maybe rockmusic.com or popularmusic.com, etc. The domain name has to tell one that the site is about the music, now pop/rock, later classical/opera also. All domain names I thought up are either occupy or just don't good enough. Can't help it. So if you, dear fellows, have any ideas please don't hesitate to post it here  2ch

Have any?  roll:)

http://musicland.com/? c: Lol right now it's just one of those stock sites.

Why don't you try this website, it'll help you find a new domain name that isn't taken. I was messing around with it earlier, it should be quite helpful....


It is really helpful! Thank you very much Emmi!  :)

No problem :D

Maybe it's lame, but you could do something with an alternative spelling. You could for instance spell "music" as muzic, musik, mmmusic, myousic... You could try to turn that into some kind of trademark.


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