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Got it! I mean new domain name.
It is now http://www.dmrockmusic.com

I was looking for a new domain name for a long time and now, thanks to my comrades here, I got very nice one. Special thanks to nimrod, who thought up dmrockmusic! I wonder why it didn't came to my mind before.

I'm working on friendly URLs for http://www.dmrockmusic.com
URLs for artists are ready. And gradually I'm making album URLs, it will took a long time, but I do not hurry.

Examples: http://www.dmrockmusic.com/Electric_Light_Orchestra and http://www.dmrockmusic.com/Ram
before it was like http://www.dmrockmusic.com/artist.php?artist=11 and http://www.dmrockmusic.com/disk.php?disk=243
Of course old links will be active always.

Doesn't it look nice?  roll:)

I just checked out the ELO page.  I like it.  It has the discography, lyrics, cover scans, reviews, and links to Amazon for other reviews and buying options.

I try to make website easy to navigate and useful with many information. I'll add video too soon.

Videos would be great.


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