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The new Oz style ciggie packets..


it'll be law soon, good move or not ?


Hello Goodbye:
Phillip Morris will win its suit.  The law is discriminatory.  The pictures on the ciggie packs are silly and incorrect to boot.  You might as well sell new cars with significant body damage and broken windshields labelled "This can happen to you if you drive."

I believe it's wrong to smoke, but there are more sensible ways to caution the population.

I don't know, Canada's had them for almost as long as I can remember.  As a kid I was a little grossed out by how graphic some of them were but I don't really think that the pictures on the package are really a deterrent to people who have smoked for years.  I know that the pictures didn't stop me from trying one at a party once, what made me only take one puff of one was the fact that I couldn't stand the way that it tasted!

I have to agree with Barry though, there are better ways to caution the public about the dangers of smoking.

They've been using this kind of pictures in NZ as well (but the brand names are still there).

Maybe it's a bit like those road safety adverts on TV that we get. Some of them are quite upsetting (at least for me), but then I think, if it's going to prevent drink-driving/improve road safety, then that's good. I'll just look the other way or something.
And I guess if pictures like that on cigarette packs are going to prevent people from smoking, then I'd say that's good too.

On the other hand, cigarettes are not illegal, so I can understand that there are arguments against interfering with companies' packaging/branding, or with people's choice to smoke (as long as they don't put other people's health in danger)...


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