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Abbey Road Studios at 80 photographs


Abbey Road Studios at 80 (photos)
July 1, 2011
LONDON--For 80 years, Abbey Road Studios has been one of the most important places in the music business. But of course it is best known for the work done there by a group of four young men from Liverpool, England: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. The Beatles.
Today, it is still very much a working studio, and artists from all over the world come to record and mix there.

In My Life:
Thanks for posting all these interesting articles peregrine! It's like having my very own Beatles news delivered to my door.  ;)

Your welcome In My Life.I am glad to be of help.

I likethe 7th picture:
In a corner of Studio 2, this is the "Lady Madonna piano," which Paul McCartney played in The Beatles song of the same name. Recently, McCartney surprised people working in a nearby studio room by showing up and pounding out "Lady Madonna" on the piano, something that the sign on it clearly says is not supposed to be done.


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