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I just wanted to know, was Maxwell's Silver Hammer based on anything in particular??? I read the song wasn't liked by the other Beatles, and that Paul made them record it "a hundered million times". Do you know if their is a certain significance in that song with Paul?
What do you all think?

Well, the songs meaning is about a serial killer. Paul stated that he just wrote the song about all these people that he never knew. Rumour has it that the part where Paul laughs or chuckles is because John mooned him. And yes, Paul rerecorded the song with the boys so many times that they hated it. I believe it was John that actually disliked the song to begin with, but I dont have it in front of me. Personally, its not one of my favorites either, though its OK.

Lennon was very critical after the break-up but he's very one-sided.
Let's face it, 'Dig a Pony' wasn't one of his best songs, but the other Beatles did what they could with it and didn't whine afterwards.

I read that John was embarrassed to have his name on this song along with "Hello Goodbye" and "Ob La Di Ob La Da." I don't know if that's true or not.

I don't mind Maxwell's Silver Hammer. Not my favourite but it all depends on what mood I'm in if I'll skip over it or not.

That the greatest creative rock group could consider recording rubbish such as Maxwell (and there are a few others from 1969 too


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