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I thought it might be a good idea to have a thread for interesting Beatle items posted on Ebay

(not sure if Ive put this in the right board though mods)

anyway, look at this, only $1million !!
Signed Rare art

$140 would you insure it while it was in the mail  2ch

Nice price only who buys it? ;D ;sorry

here First Edition  from my Country( former GDR)

Das Erscheinungsjahr ist mir nicht bekannt.

--- Quote ---The year of publication is not known to me
--- End quote ---

1965 Mister

In My Life:
A steal at only $21,000,000.00. And it's one of more than ten available.  ;D The question section made me laugh.

In My Life:
Gotta admire this guy's chutzpah...

US $15,999.99

Stupid Man ;sorry

but what is this??


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