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Comparing box sets, albums and such


Hey everybody! I was wondering if any of you had any info about a few of the box sets.

First let me say that I own all the Beatles albums on CD individually, but I still drooled when I saw this box set.

However then I was confused as there was also saw this set, and was wondering if anyone knew the difference. Is the second one the "EP" box set I've read about?

My main question is whether or not either of them is worth buying if I have all the CDs individually. Are the booklets or liner notes different?

As a huge Beatles fan I am very tempted, but I also feel like it would probably be kinda dumb since I own them all in non-boxed form. Just wondering if anyone owns these or can give any more info! Thanks!

The End:
Hi Nos402,

These ceartianly look like the CD album and CD EP box-sets, but without proper descriptions I would be reluctant to part with my cash if I were you.


AL :)

i think is the same with that here


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