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Paul McCartney last friday at the LIPA graduation ceremony

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What an amiable guy Billy Ocean is, forever smiling, he took his time to go over to people shouting for him to sign or have their pic taken with him. At this point I thought sod the barriers and went into the middle of the road with the freelancers and what a cracking smile he threw me.

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[/COLOR]Japanese T.V.

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[/COLOR]Mr and Mrs Peter Sissons. Or John as one of the freelancers called him to which he replied curtly 'who is this John'

Of course he was a schoolmate of Macca's in the Liverpool Institute.

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[/COLOR]And this is really what it was all about. The LIPA graduates taking their bow at the Philharmonic Hall today.

Congratulations to them. :handclap:

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[/COLOR]My good friend an ex next door but 17 :) neighbour, Mr. B checking with his spies at the airport as to the whereabouts of Mr M.

This Paul has a facebook group set up for him by his mates called 'get your photo taken with PB' as a bit of a lark as he's been seen one to one with the likes of Clint Eastwood, Bruce Willis and Snoop Dog. He got Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Mike McCartney and Yoko Ono in the space of a couple of weeks and after a great day full of laughs and banter, I can see why it can become a bit of a thing to do. He paid a fair bit of dosh to see Macca on the intimate 02 Academy off London Road a few months ago.

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The scene at the Phil stage door at 7am. Three chaps from Germany had been there since 3am but they had a ringside view. Another lady, also German, from Koln, but not with the lads had her arm autographed by Macca last time out then swiftly had it tattooed over. A lady from Kentucky included this event as part of her 7 week visit to Liverpool - and there were we - and it's all on our doorstep so it had to be done.

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This fella would give his right arm to put it on ebay.

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[/COLOR]The time flew and as the security guys moved out into the street, there was an air of anticipation and a surge forward.

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The black Merc bombs up, Paul is in the passenger seat, no blacked out windows and he was there - just inches away. The door is flung open and i'm wondering if the best i'll manage is that reflection of him in the car window as he rushes in.

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I needn't have worried. He spent a little time signing away including my Rubber Soul album - one of various ones shoved in his face from all angles as cries rang out from everywhere to get his attention. It was electric and a real buzz in the air, this was a superstar and you could feel it. He done all the usual stances, pointing, shouting 'wo, oy, ya' etc etc while doing that trademark thumbs up and peace sign. Looking well with his Heather induced dyed hair which he's kept up, he had quite a mop top for aged 69.

I had to smile at the freelancers who were inadequatly misplaced and were only capturing the back of his head at this stage. Look at them scurry in the background for a better view, which they did get from over the car roof and Paul wilingly obliged them by flashing pearly whites their way when they finally got there. There really was so much mayhem and so much happening that he didn't seem to know which way to turn, what to sign next, which direction to look to for photographers etc but he did it all in the type of style which tells you if you didn't already know that it's now obviously second nature to him and old hat.


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[/COLOR]I managed 6 shots in all but these are the best 2. My daughters got a couple on their mobiles too. We had decided to dedicate today to discovering Liverpool as tourists so it was now off to the 2 Cathedrals, up St Johns beacon then off to St Georges Hall. There was no time today for the Walker, Dock tour, Pier Head museum or Ferry but there's always next time.

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There was time to nip back a few hours later for his exit after a heads up text - more of the same - from even more people.

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Paul McCartney, Billy Ocean and Spencer Leigh amongst others become LIPA Companions. (Liverpool Echo)

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In My Life:
How exciting!

Hello Goodbye:
You're too long between visits, Ged.  I'm sure happy you're back...and thanks!

Wow, great photos man.

I would GIVE my right arm to be just standing there watching, let alone to get Rubber Soul signed.

I hope Macca comes to Australia again one day. I will make every attempt to see him, even just the once, in the flesh, in my lifetime...

Great pics Ged. Thanks for sharing.


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