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Paul McCartney last friday at the LIPA graduation ceremony

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Thanks everyone. You're right HG, i'll have to make more of an effort.

An old topic I realise, but does anyone know when this years graduation is?

Is it always held on 25th July? I've heard Mark Ronson is becoming an honoury member on 25th, so presume thats when Paul would be there, if at all.

I know Paul is touring the US at the moment with a gig on 23rd july. Maybe this date is so he could make the 25th or perhaps he's not going?

Anyone got any information, as I'd love to try and get his autograph. Presumably you have to get there really early to?



So I'm in liverpool for the graduation... but have found out the philharmonic hall is being refurbished.

Does anyone know where its being held this year?


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