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Fox Hunting (And General Animal Cruelty Issues)

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Jai Guru Deva.:

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HA!  I was already aware of Paul's 'Meat-Free Monday' scheme, but that was hilarious, especially when he went "oww!" at the end!   ha2ha
Thanks for your posts, everyone.  It's good to keep up the debates, even when they get heated at times, because it can bring out some wonderful points of view and bring to light things people maybe didn't realise.


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Mad Cowboy: The Documentary

Jai Guru Deva.:
Well, it's with a very heavy heart that I'm reporting...  our government has officially decided that even though science disproves it as an effective method, morality deems it cruel, and the great British public have consistently voted against it, they're going to forge ahead regardless and slaughter thousands of British badgers in a futile attempt to eradicate bovine tuberculosis.  It's already been proven by science that while badgers can carry the disease, their actual responsibility of spreading it is tiny - it's actually our poor farming methods that constitute the biggest percentage of the spread. There was even a badger cull in the 80's to attempt the very same thing, and it didn't work.  In fact, the answer to controlling bovine TB is right in front of us - a vaccine that has been proven to work.  Not only that, but the British public have spoken en mass many times against this cull, through polls and interviews and protests alike - we don't want this.  But our government has decided to ignore all of this, and go ahead with the slaughter, claiming that the vaccine would be too expensive, and killing innocent creatures is the best thing to do, despite all of this opposition - even science.  It seems our current government is hell-bent on destroying animals and torturing them for fun; this is the same government that is pushing to make fox hunting, stag slaughter and hare coursing legal 'sports' again, and the same government that is also in support of using tortured animals as circus puppets.  I'm ashamed to be a part of this country, and as a 21 year old, I'm now going to have to grow up, against my own will, in a place where the suffering and death of innocent animals is officially deemed okay, even entertaining.

Here is a link to Brian May's reporting on his Save Me site, where you can find further details on this by clicking the 'news' link at the top:

Keep safe, folks.  Let's hope the public can pull together one last time and do something truly spectacular - it's gonna take a heck of a stunt to turn this decision around.  I hope all of our poor oblivious badgers are enjoying their last stretch of freedom, before they're erased from our land forever.


In My Life:

--- Quote from: Jai Guru Deva. --- they're going to forge ahead regardless and slaughter thousands of British badgers in a futile attempt to eradicate bovine tuberculosis.
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I'm really sorry to hear this.

Jai Guru Deva.:
I'd hoped that we'd done enough...  so many people, including local MPs from all over Britain representing the people of their areas, fought and spoke passionately against the cull, and at times it was pleasantly astounding how many people stood up and agreed for a peaceful and more logical solution, but no matter how much we protested it, the government just didn't care.  I feel sorry for everyone who put all of that effort into it, too - Brian alone spent a lot of money and personal effort going out into the UK holding conferences and interviewing farmers, MPs, animal rights groups and regular members of the public to make informative and factual vidoes for people to watch, so we could better understand what was going on and how we could prevent it...  and even regardless of that, the scientific proof that the cull will NOT work has been presented to the government many times, with new research each time, and they've denied and defied it every step of the way.  It makes me sad to know that this is the body that represents British people - that other nations might look at what's happening here and think "gosh, what a barbaric country"...  it's not what we asked for.



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