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Fox Hunting (And General Animal Cruelty Issues)

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I don't want to come off as bitter or as a pessimist, but although I'm still a convinced vegetarian I more or less gave up on trying to change people's minds about animal cruelty. Every year, nine billion ( animals die in slaughterhouses in the USA alone and most people don't really care. So I don't have high hopes for masses of people manning the barrides for a few foxes or badgers...

Sorry for being a downer.  :-\

Jai Guru Deva.:
Thanks for the kind words, Bobber!  :)
And Joost, don't worry about it - I can completely understand.  Fighting for the rights of animals has always been a near impossible task, and there is so much pessimism because of course, as the dominant species on this planet, the human race decides whether cruelty to animals is indeed cruel at all - it's such a subjective matter.  It does seem unlikely that people will care enough to stop these things happening to creatures that are 'below us' as it were, and 'unimportant' compared to us, but I and everyone who works with these organizations are hoping that soon, the public conscience will realise that unnecessary death and suffering is unacceptable in the realm of any creature - even those that seem unimportant.  Animals may not have a voice to tell us what they feel, but that doesn't mean that they don't feel, and we are no one to bring their worlds crashing down in one swoop just because we fancy it.  We should be able to exist alongside each other in peace, the way it should be - and our government is putting these horrible projects like the badger cull into action pretty much against our wishes - like I said earlier, 69% of England didn't want it to go ahead, but they're doing it anyway.  The government need to understand that they must listen to us about these things - and it's people like us that must do it.

I know how hard and seemingly futile this is, but think about the planet - we've taken everything.  There's basically nothing on this Earth that humans haven't visited, built on, bulldozed, destroyed, poisoned or changed to suit our needs, and ours alone.  The other animals, while not possessing the same intelligence as us (apparently...), should still have total freedom to use this Earth the way they need to to survive alongside us, and we can't even grant them that - we have more than what we need, despite the fact that we struggle to manage it properly so that everyone is safe, but especially in places like England and the USA and places where when you think about it, the people have everything they need.  But a lot of animals are deprived of homes, food, safety and in so many cases, their lives, just because we feel like it, essentially.  It is not equal, and we've forgotten about it.  More and more people are re-realising this every day, and speaking out - and the governments have noticed.  They're panicking because they want to take action to end the problems, but they can't see how to do it peacefully, so they think they're doing what's best by culling, but they're not - it's our voice that has to speak for the animals.

I know it's hard, and we get so much stick for it, but if you really believe in something, you should fight for it and give it your all, otherwise, nothing would ever get done - if everyone gave up halfway through, no one would ever achieve anything.  And remember that it's not just you - us animal lovers are always here, doing our bit and sticking together, and our group is growing, believe me.  You have friends in this, and if we can make the right people realise what needs to change, we can really make a difference to animals who deserve as wonderful a life as what we've built for ourselves.  So if you believe that animal cruelty is wrong...  just say it.  And if no one listens, say it again, louder, until they have no choice but to listen.  We might not be able to save the lives of all the creatures that suffer, but if we can save thousands of badgers from being culled, or ensure that our foxes are never hunted again, or save a species from extinction...  if we can make our own vicious race realise how destructive we've become, and put that destruction to an end in some way, then it's worth it.  Who knows, it could even set the ball rolling for allsorts of wonderful changes that will benefit the world.  We just have to believe.


In My Life:

--- Quote from: Jai Guru Deva ---I know it's hard, and we get so much stick for it, but if you really believe in something, you should fight for it and give it your all, otherwise, nothing would ever get done
--- End quote ---

I really admire your passion and agree with everything you've said. I live in a rural area and I always feel so badly when I see animals that have been hit because we built roads where they live. I worry about all animals but what I think about the most is dogfighting and puppy mills/pet stores. They are big issues here in the United States. I have four dogs and when I see the trust in their eyes I cannot fathom how anyone could abuse that trust. Are your petitions only for residents of England?

Hello Goodbye:
I do my share to help the fox.  I've been known to "accidentally" wander into a hunt when I'm out riding my horse, Mr. Governor.  A few others who ride recreationally feel the same way and we are quite effective in disruption giving the fox a chance to escape its pursuers.  When admonished by the hunters, I yell "I'm riding here!"

It's a lot like this scene from Midnight Cowboy...

Midnight Cowboy - Im Walkin Here (The video's owner prevents external embedding)



nice one Barry


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