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Best Song (A Hard Day's Night)

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My favourite is Can`t Buy Me Love! And all the rest too...

And I Love Her.

I'm such a Paul girl....

Though I also really love Things We Said Today, I'll Be Back, Anytime At All, and If I Fell.

Strawberry Field:
'If I Fell' is amazing. Particularly in mono.

 Hi guys !! yes , I chose "If I fell" as my favourite track . John,s ability to "cut to the chase" with his lyrics was a gift that endured throughout his career as a musician . John,s hard man image takes one on the chin here as his soft under belly is exposed and we are given a fly on the wall experience as John lays it on thick to some would be lover or other ! In many ways a precursor to "Norwegian wood" which was a retrospective overview  of some brief liason that perhaps failed to deliver on it,s initial promise .

Mersey Beat:
Man, that's tough. I'm gonna have to go with I Should Have Known Better.


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