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Songs You Didn't Like At First But After Awhile You Started Liking Them

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I'm starting to like the songs I didn't really like too much/at all when I first heard them and after I listened to them through for awhile I've grown to like them.The songs that I'm talking about are Come Together,Octopus's Garden,Happiness Is A Warm Gun,I'm So Tired,Good Night and Let It Be.What are some songs that you didn't like at first but now you like them?

In My Life:
Not to pick on George but the first few times I heard "Within You, Without You" I had to skip it. Then I started listening to it and paying attention to the lyrics and now I love it. "Blue Jay Way" didn't do much for me either but now I like it.

Yep, I had that problem with a few :

"She's Leaving Home" - though now it's in my top 10
"Eleanor Rigby" - first time I heard it, it seemed so short and I couldn't pay any attention to the lyrics, so I thought it was just another ordinary Beatles song.One of my favourites right now.
"Oh! Darling" - first listen : "What the hell is he yelling about?". Right now : top 10 as well.

Those 3 were the first that I could think of.

"Why Don't We Do It In The Road"

I hated that song, was pretty much my least favorite Beatles song, ever below Revolution 9. But now, I can't get enough of it! I just love the way Paul signs it.

Long Long Long, Revolution No.9 


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