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Beatles Autographed Postcard - Is this real or fake?!?!

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Hi guys and gals,

I have a Beatles photo signed by the band, but I am unsure as to whether it's genuine or not. I can't find the same item on the web, so I'm guessing if it is a print, it's a pretty rare one, though the signatures look like they were signed with a real pen.

What also makes me think it MAY be real is the message on the back "With best wishes from Louise Harrison". Perhaps she had it signed for someone... or maybe it IS a print that she got from the guys for a friend? I have no idea and can't find anyone to help me authenticate it... so HOPEFULLY someone here will be able to shed some light on this.

Here are images of the front and back:

Hope you can  2ch!!!

The autographs of the Beatles themselves look like fake to me. Louise's writing on the back looks genuine however.

 real is maybe only  Misses Harrison Autograph the Beatles are Fake Autograph

Great, thanks guys! Now I know!

Haha, I had been looking under the wrong thing in Google. I typed in Beatles Autograph, rather than "signed Beatles" and various other things I tried (amazing how I missed the most simple one!) and there were several pics of my postcard. LOL.

So this would probably have been a big run print, yeah?


Hello Goodbye:
Welcome to the Forum, mantanz!  I know you'll enjoy it here.

To go a step further, you'll remember Paul's grandfather signing publicity photos in A Hard Day's Night.  That wasn't far from the truth!  There were many photos signed by secretaries and distributed for public relations purposes early in The Beatles' career.  Three of my cousins visiting Great Britain in 1964 were given such publicity photos at that time.  In the interim, they've found out that The Beatles did not sign their photos.  Some were pretty good replica signatures though.


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