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Beatles Autographed Postcard - Is this real or fake?!?!

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Better consult for expert to check the authenticity of the signatures. As we all know when it comes to Beatles memorabilia it cost a lot and much expensive when they include signature, but in line of this, there are also syndicates that try to forge every documents of famous artist like Beatles. That picture and signatures seems to be real though, but unless specified and authenticated by expert, you can never can tell if this is really original handwritten of Beatles members and not a reproduction. I have several reproduction copy including their albums, but I never think of it that it is in fact reproduction and no cost at all, the only thing I just need is to at least have Beatles memorabilia. I have them even printed on vinyl type posters , thanks to http://www.digiteksf.com/adhesive-vinyl/, it is the site that made the printing and restored some glitches from the reproduction copy.

This past Febuary, I found a lone 10212 Imperial Shuttle sitting on a shelf in TRU. When I asked an employee about it, he said they had just found it in the back room.
How much was it??


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