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I don't care too much for Yer Blues, Long Long Long, Savoy Truffle, Revolutions #1 and #9, Goodnight and Cry Baby Cry. So it was indeed my opinion that I rather listen to Ram than to side 3/4 of the White Album, although there's of course some excellent songs there as well.

Side 3 is great. Wouldn't change a thing. Side 4 is great until Rev 9. I'd rather have heard finished versions of Junk,Not Guilty,and Sour Milk Sea instead. Goodnight is good for a laugh so I'd keep it in.

Paul talking little about white album ( " shut up " :D)

I'm So Tired

Mr Mustard:
Side three is the only one on which I like every track.

The closing side is surely the weakest of the four, although it does contain two of my very favourite cuts from the entire album in "Savoy Truffle" and "Cry Baby Cry".

However, I can't go along with this idea of "Ram" (fine offering that it is) being preferable to the second White Album disc. For me that's like comparing a luxury apartment (Ram) with the slightly tattier wing of a large four or five star plush hotel (White Album). Side four may well be the one with the store rooms and broom cupboards but it is impossible to see it as less than a part of something much grander.

Versatile as Paul is (and this was certainly showcased on Ram) one fab simply cannot compete with all four.


--- Quote from: Lennon93 on September 30, 2011, 11:14:02 AM ---Paul talking little about white album ( " shut up " :D)

I'm So Tired

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Paul can be so cool sometime adn then he goes and blows it by accepting a Knighthood!


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