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Pete Best sacked because of his mom?

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Nada Surf:

In this interview, former Liverpool promoter Sam Leach claims that it was Brian Epstein who wanted Pete Best out so that he could completely remove himself from his mom, Mona, who wanted to be Beatles promoter and was critical of Epstein's homosexuality.

Sam Leach is an upstanding guy. I met him in the mid-90s. Real kind, nice guy.

I don't believe Mona wanted to be the Beatles promotor. She's the Beatles mum and got them their gigs when the band was almost dead.

Pete Best sacked because of his mom? I doubt it, listen to Petes drumming on Love Me Do........I think they really needed Ringo.

The Beatles had nothing against Mona. She at least gave them a place to practice and play and Neil Aspinall was even banging her (father to Roag). Like Kevin said, they just needed a better drummer.


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