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The Forth Floor (A Halloween/Beatles RP)


Since it's getting close to Halloween, I decided to make Beatles/horror rp.


At a local high school, there is an urban legend about the top floor, or the 4th floor. The story is that a local girl committed suicide due to bullying 20 years ago and cursed any bully who come to the forth floor to die. The staff closed off the forth floor and never used it since. A group of high school students decide to go to the forth floor to see if the legend was true.


1. No cigs or illegal substances. I don't like the habit, even in rps.
2. Do not ignore other players.
3. Keep dying to a minimum.
4. Have fun.

CC format (follow mine)

Name: Liz Stuart
Age: 16
Bio: Liz is a girl who is bullied at school for having Paul McCartney as an imaginary boyfriend. She was dared by the bullies to go with them up to the forth floor.
Likes: Beatles, Paul, books
Dislikes: Bullies, Beatles and Paul haters, illiteracy
Personality: Shy, smart, feelings hurt easily
Crush: Paul McCartney

I'll be in it :) Do you want me to explain my character too?I already made up my character so just tell me if you want me to write about her.

Yup. I need to know the characters. And I need someone to play Paul.

Her name is Stella Jensen (not after Paul's daughter,it's my favorite girl name).She's also 16 years old.She has light brown hair and light blue eyes.She's totally obsessed with the Beatles and she likes reading,writing and John Lennon.She has a really big crush on John.She's very nice and caring and she's also shy.If you'd like me to change some things about my character just tell me.

Nope. That's fine. I do need someone to play Paul though. I'm not good at doing their personalities and I'm more comfortable with doing one person.


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