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a few more pictures from the app

In My Life:

In My Life:
EMI, January 4, 1964


In My Life:

--- Quote from: peterbell1 on June 18, 2012, 10:58:31 AM ---Just been reading a piece about The Beatles at the BBC website ...

and saw this picture. which I had never seen before ....

Seems strange that John is wearing his glasses in that shot, which I assume is during a TV recording (why else would they be gathered round a cannon?!)

--- End quote ---

I came across the same article a few weeks ago. The caption states that the photo is from the first recording session with Ringo in 1962. That seemed wrong to me. Why would there be a cannon in the studio at EMI? I've been on a mission ever since to place this and I finally found out tonight that it was taken October 17, 1962 at the Grenada TV Centre. That was the date of their first TV appearance and the show was "People and Places". I assume this was from the afternoon rehearsal since John's wearing his specs.


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