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Author Topic: Rock 'n' roll history is just a click or two away - Beatles Abbey Road  (Read 798 times)

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Daily Mail
November 25, 2011
Google's got it covered: Rock 'n' roll history is just a click or two away as Street View captures the locations of iconic album photos

Google Street View has proven itself to be a handy tool - it can be used for everything from scouting out a travel destination to simply seeing if a restaurant or bar is worth visiting.Now there's a new use for the feature: music lovers can track down their favourite album cover locations.Sean Yeaton from vice.com painstakingly looked up the locations of ten iconic album covers, matching the orientation of each with the best images Street View could provide. He admitted it was a bit geeky but said it could also be very rewarding. Some were easy to find - after all, there are heavy clues about where to look in the titles of the Beatles album Abbey Road, or Eric Clapton's 461 Ocean Boulevard.

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