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Author Topic: Beatle John Lennon Threatened in Extortion Plot, Says FBI  (Read 571 times)

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Beatle John Lennon Threatened in Extortion Plot, Says FBI
« on: December 02, 2011, 07:41:45 AM »

ABC News
December 1st 2011
Beatle John Lennon Threatened in Extortion Plot, Says FBI

FBI files released today reveal that long-time Beatle John Lennon and his family were targeted  in a $100,000 extortion plot in 1977, three years before Lennon’s murder. “WE ARE THE TERRORISTS THE FALN PUERTO  RICAN INDEPENDENCE MOVEMENT,” a letter dated Nov. 29, 1977,  announced. “This letter is a positive (THREAT) to your life. …” The letter demanded that Lennon leave $100,000 in “a strong package” with the ” clerk” by the front entrance of “Dakota House,” in New York City, where Lennon, Yoko Ono and their son lived at the time. It was the first in a series of letters – all in fractured English – that threatened the singer and his family with kidnapping or death if the demand for $100,000 was not met.“You have exact nine day’s from (sic) the date of this letter to decide & to get the money,” the letter instructed. It also warned Lennon not to contact the FBI or the police, “So don’t try to play any trick to us because we are good preparedly for it.”An internal FBI memo also released today shows Lennon did, in fact, go to the Bureau.

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