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Author Topic: Paul McCartney has recurring nightmares of audience walking out  (Read 420 times)

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December 4, 2011
Paul McCartney has recurring nightmares of audience walking out

Sir Paul McCartney has revealed he suffers from a recurring ­nightmare… ­in which the ­audience walks out on a Beatles gig.In his dream Macca, 69, is singing From Me To You. He said: “I’m with the Beatles and it’s going great, then people start leaving.“I turn to the others and go, ‘Oh God! Long Tall Sally – that’ll get them back.’It all goes back to before the Beatles when Paul and John Lennon were in The Quarrymen.“The first time we ever played – pre-Beatles – I screwed up,” said Macca, whose UK tour kicks off tomorrow. “So I never played lead guitar again.

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