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Author Topic: Next generation Harrison proves creative talent runs in the family  (Read 404 times)

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The National
November 30, 2011
Next generation Harrison proves creative talent runs in the family

You might imagine that the musical children of The Beatles would be hugely inspired by that mighty band's near-perfect body of work. Dhani Harrison, though - son of the late, great George - seems to have been influenced more by his father's extra-curricular activities.Now 33, Dhani is proving something of a creative polymath. Musically, his current passion is for cutting-edge British genres such as drum 'n' bass and dubstep, which pour forth on several projects with his production partner, Paul Hicks, and various guest musicians. George's tastes seep in almost subconsciously."I absolutely love Indian classical music," says Harrison. "You notice the interest when I sit with Paul. With the vocals I'll do 'guides', then we'll get people to come in and sing them, and there's always a few notes and a few changes that people don't get, and Paul will say, 'Oh, it's one of those Dhani notes again, he's been listening to too many Indian classical music records.'"

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