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Author Topic: Yoko Ono gives peace a chance, one home town at a time + 1  (Read 529 times)

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Yoko Ono gives peace a chance, one home town at a time + 1
« on: December 08, 2011, 01:48:33 AM »

The Globe and Mail
December 6, 2011
Yoko Ono gives peace a chance, one home town at a time

To exchange an e-mail with Yoko Ono is to become one with her philosophy – and her aphoristic way of expressing it.The new seven-minute animated film My Hometown is the excuse for the e-mail. The film is co-directed by Toronto lawyer Jerry Levitan, who kept in touch with Ono after he made the 2007 Oscar-nominated short I Met The Walrus. It recalled the time in 1969 when he snuck into John Lennon and Ono’s Toronto hotel room to conduct an interview with the couple during their “bed in” days.Ono liked that earlier film. And she agreed to do My Hometown (co-directed by Toronto-based filmmaker Terry Tompkins), which adapts to film a very Ono-esque tract that she wrote in 2009.Ono’s brief written work imagines that peace is possible simply with the realization that every town in the world is someone else’s hometown. And a hometown is just a place on the map on which we place our love and positive thoughts.My Hometown, which has Ono reading her own writing accompanied by basic animation, has an obvious link to the one-love statelessness in John Lennon’s Imagine, the call to Give Peace a Chance and the minimalism seen throughout Ono’s own artistic career.


The Mainichi Daily News
December 7, 2011
Yoko Ono visits Fukushima, encourages children forced to evacuate

FUKUSHIMA, Japan (Kyodo) -- Famed artist Yoko Ono visited the city of Fukushima, Fukushima Prefecture, on Tuesday and encouraged children who have been forced to evacuate in the aftermath of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami and subsequent Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.
"The world is thinking of you who are working hard to overcome the sorrow and hardships," said the 78-year-old artist and widow of John Lennon, at Sahara Elementary School during a visit to Japan ahead of a charity concert in Tokyo on Thursday in memory of the late Beatles member.


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