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Author Topic: A Metamorphosis of iTunes Yellow Submarine Renders It Unrecognizable  (Read 257 times)

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New Blaze
December 19, 2011
A Metamorphosis of iTunes Yellow Submarine Renders It Unrecognizable !

(Verse 2) "Child-like, no one understands. Jack knife, in your sweaty hands. Some kind of innocence is measured out in miles. What makes you think you're something special when you smile? (Chorus) You can talk to me, You can talk to me, If you're lonely you can talk to me." Hey Bulldog - The BeatlesThe red-velvet cake recording light is on! We're ('I am he as you are he') in the studio making our next record. Will this take be a keeper? Yes, it's a keeper! Hey Bulldog is the best song on Yellow Submarine, but the only problem I can see, is that The Beatles' classic rocker is not included on the newest version, which was just made available on itunes on December 9th.

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