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Hello Goodbye:
It was the Summer of Love 1967 and The Cowsills had a hit with...

The Rain, The Park, And Other Things

The Cowsils_ The Rain, The Park, & Other Things

Hello Goodbye:
The Cowsills started singing a lot of Beatles songs in the mid-60s.  With a bit of vintaging, they sounded like this in 1969...

Paperback Writer

The Cowsills Paperback Writer

Hello Goodbye:
They could sing five-part harmony flawlessly...

Monday Monday

The Cowsills on The Johnny Cash Show (1969)
The Johnny Cash Show   1969

Puff The Magic Dragon

The Cowsills - Puff The Magic Dragon

Hello Goodbye:
In the spring of 1969 they covered this, from the musical Hair...

Family Band: The Cowsills Story - Hair

...and they sound the same today...

Hair by The Cowsills

John Cowsill is currently a member of the Beach Boys' live band. This is him playing drums and singing lead vocals for them at the same time.
Beach Boys - John Cowsill - Darlin


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