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Who wrote the better songs on Sgt. Pepper? John or Paul?

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I personally feel that even though the album was pretty much "Paul's baby" as John said, John wrote the better songs on it, and that's including the Strawberry Fields single (which was supposed to be on the album). A Day In The Life, Strawberry Fields Forever, Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite, these are all MUCH better songs than Sgt. Pepper/Reprise, Fixing A Hole, Getting Better, LOVELY RITA (album filler), She's Leaving Home, Penny Lane. Although Paul had already become the dominant write of the albums since Revolver, John was still the one writing better songs even if he had given up leadership duties or "gotten bored" with the group.

I'd say they were kind of even. Though, leaving objectivism aside, I prefer Paul's songs. In my opinion, there isn't any song John wrote for Pepper's that can top 'She's Leaving Home'. 'Fixing A Hole', 'Penny Lane' and 'Lovely Rita' are another three Paul gems that I tend to prefer over John's songs.

One thing is for sure though, both Paul and John were at the top of their game in '67. Saying which one was better depends strictly on each's personal preferences, which in my case, is Paul.

Welcome to the forum, by the way. Keep them posts coming! ;)

I guess that's why some people are "John people" and some people are "Paul people" lol...I have been listening to alot of Paul's solo stuff more recently. For a long time I had ignored it and thought it was too much fluff or corny. However, im EAGERLY awaiting his new album Kisses on the Bottom! I have it on pre-order on iTunes. and THANK YOU for the welcome ! =)

A Day In The Life is co-written. SFF was not on the album. Those two doesn't count. I personally always skip Mr Kite. Never liked it. Good Morning Good Morning is not a strong song either imho. Leaves us with Lucy as the one and only song that really matters coming from John alone for Sgt. Peppers. Indeed, I prefer Pauls songs on the album.

For me, Johns songs are what make the album compelling, mystical and magical. He was at his most creative in this period.

I absolutely love A Day In The Life (yes I Know Paul wrote the middle 8) hauntingly brilliant, those words are what made John a genius, same with Lucy, who else could write lyrics like that ? a song describing an LSD trip - a classic!

Mr Kite carries this on, a story about a strange circus with very strange characters, this song for me is like a painting, it triggers visions and feelings of another world of fantasy and imagination.

Good Morning is brilliant IMO,  its one of the strangest pop songs you'll ever hear, strange time signatures, words about everyday life, why the animal noises at the end, LOL

As for Pauls I love Rita plus the brilliant title track and Ringo's, so he gets 3 hits for me, not too fussed on the others he wrote for the album, full marks to Paul though for the concept.


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