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Who wrote the better songs on Sgt. Pepper? John or Paul?

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Nada Surf:

--- Quote from: Toejam on February 07, 2012, 10:22:19 PM ---The music for Jealous guy was already written by then. It was written with entirely different lyrics in India but possibly because the lyrics were similar to paul's Mother natures son it seems to have sidelined.

--- End quote ---
Actually, that I think about it, Jealous Guy, in the other form, was rejected.

Loco Mo:
I agree with all of Nimrod's and tkitna's comments.

It's fun reading replies over multiple years time.

I consider myself a "John" person more than a Paul person.  That said, the notion of one being better than the other on a particular album or overall is a tough one.  The album is great because they both contributed great songs.  ADITL is great because of both John's parts and Paul's middle. 

Again, fighting over supremacy when few others have provided repeated greatness and depth is silly.


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