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Who wrote the better songs on Sgt. Pepper? John or Paul?

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Bobber, I wouldn't say A Day In The Life was truly "co-written". John needed a SMALL piece to fill the gap between Mal Evans counting and where they were going to put the orchestra arrangement. That is a very small contribution to a song. The whole concept and lyrics/music of the song were written or created by John. Although Paul does deserve points for conducting the orchestra with George Martin! And Strawberry Fields MOST CERTAINLY does count because they were intended for the album and only released as a single after pressure from EMI and Brian Epstein to release one! George Martin has called this the "biggest mistake" of his career! You can argue that Strawberry Fields was a stronger than ANYTHING on Pepper. There are some fluff album fillers on Pepper from Paul. When I'm 64/Lovely Rita comes to mind. Also, With A Little Help From My Friends was almost entirely co-written word for word and musically at home before John and Paul got to the studio to record it. That song was co-written more so than A Day In The Life. The whole idea of the fictional band performing instead of the Beatles was Paul's idea, after John's original idea of growing up/nostalgia theme of Liverpool was already used on the single.

That's pretty ridiculous. You're assuming that the Mal Evans part counting was already there. Haha! A Day In The Life is at best a little song without the Paul McCartney middle part. It is not a  'very small contribution to a song', it is an essential part of this song. It is plain nonsense that the whole concept, lyrics and music of A Day In The Life was written solely by John Lennon. You suggesting that he did shows me you need to do some homework.

Strawberry Fields Forever is not on Sgt. Pepper. Period. Yes, I know the story behind it, but it's a fact this song is not on the album.

What you call fillers are the best songs to other fans. Personally I regard Lovely Rita to be one of the better songs on the album.

Sgt Pepper's was very much Paul's "baby", and personally speaking I like his songs on the album best, including ADITL which was co-written.

Hello Goodbye:
Some people think John's songs are better and some people think Paul's songs are better.

My favorite song on that album is Fixing A Hole.


--- Quote from: Hello Goodbye on February 03, 2012, 11:20:29 PM ---Some people think John's songs are better and some people think Paul's songs are better.

--- End quote ---

Yes I was just thinking as I read this thread that its actually quite pointless 

We all like what we like

I went on an Pink Floyd forum once and it was mostly sqaublling between the Roger waters fans and the David Gilmour fans, I lasted about 5 minutes on there and just thought, surely there are more important things in life  ha2ha

The point is, it doesnt matter who wrote the best songs, its The most celebrated Beatle album and its fecking great  ;D


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