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Nada Surf:
Think hard now (I really think there is only one answer, but this should be fun...)
What do you think was the single most important decision made by anyone pertaining to the Beatles, whether it be the group or administration or anyone, that benefited the group.


First thought is George Martin's taking them on. But?...hmm...


Nada Surf:
Ya' know, Klang...there are going to be arguments galore on this one, but you certainly named an important one...we'll see what they all think.

Nada Surf:
What's this doing in polls?
This isn't a poll.
It's a discussion.

To go to okay in Hamburg Germany is without abdoubt what made them into the band they became. Many people who knew them swear that when they left Liverpool they were a half ass band without a drummer. They were known as tag alongs mostly who couldn't really play that well. However, when they came back from hamburg, they were an amazing live act with stage presence and perfect harmonies. I read a book called Outliers, and it says that someone who spends ten thousand hours or more on a subject becomes great at it and successful. They had a whole chapter on the Beatles and how playing in hamburg was the crucial element which turned them into the greatest band in the world.


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