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As I posted, and I think a few picked them up, has anyone been listening to the Multi Track Mogg Files?

In listening to the separate tracks, there are some true treasures to be found. I am hearing stuff that I had no idea was in the mix.

Anyone else?

I pulled a few last weekend, fun indeed.

What were some of your finds?

Hello Goodbye:
Me too.  I used Audacity.

--- Quote from: blmeanie on February 17, 2012, 11:36:44 PM ---What were some of your finds?

--- End quote ---

It was Paul.   ;)

I have used Audacity for a long time. It was cool taking just the guitar solo in A Hard Day's Night slowing it down 50 percent. I didn't know that there is a lot of piano in there.

I also love the strings in All You Need Is Love.

Oh, there was one... the vocals... I will have to get back to you...

In My Life:
This sounds interesting but over my head. Is it anything like what they did with Eleanor Rigby on Anthology 2?


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