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Author Topic: Is the Official Paul McCartney MaccaBoard offline or has it been relaunched?  (Read 5344 times)

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Is the Official Paul McCartney MaccaBoard offline or has it been relaunched?

Does anyone know if the Official Paul McCartney MaccaBoard is offline or has been relaunched with a new look? When I try to access it here:


Nothing comes up.

When I went to the PM.com, I saw this:


Which by seeing that, is making me think that the MaccaBoard is being relaunched. If this were the case, wouldn't they have mentioned it? Or is this a registration for something else on PM.com? I'm thinking it's offline. Thanks.


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It's up and running today.


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Is it down again?  Because I keep getting an error message when I try to pull up the forum.


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I just presumed it's only accessible to people who have paid up for the preimum membership. Seriously! What kinda billionaire actually makes fans pay for acessing their website? I'm glad I donn't know Paul. They say you should never meet your 'heroes' and I think that's wise advise 'cause I'm quite cynical towards Paul sometimes and there's a lot about him I don't like...well maybe 'a lot' is too strong but not covering the costs of the website p*sses me off. Be generous to your best fans Paul FFS!

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