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Author Topic: Yoko Ono to sing on Bermuda tribute CD to Lennon + 1  (Read 544 times)

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Yoko Ono to sing on Bermuda tribute CD to Lennon + 1
« on: February 21, 2012, 01:42:21 AM »

The Royal Gazette
February 20, 2012
Yoko Ono to sing on Bermuda tribute CD to Lennon

Yoko Ono has agreed to appear on a Bermuda tribute CD to John Lennon, according to the man behind the project.Tony Brannon told The Royal Gazette yesterday that Lennon’s widow was providing vocals of her song ‘Walking on Thin Ice’ which would be remixed for the CD. He said she’d also shared pictures to be included in the box set.


February 20, 2012
Artist Attack! Yoko Ono is My Hero and I'm Not Sorry
True artists are prophets. I don't want to be that prophetic in that sense because it's so lonely."

"It is hard to write about Yoko Ono as an artist for a few reasons, including but not limited to my inability to separate Yoko Ono's tweets from spoken word poetry. It is also hard because of the sheer length and depth of her artistic career: Yoko was creating art - and feminist art at that - before she even met that dude John Lennon. Afterward the work she had been doing, and continued to do, kind of got eclipsed by his. And it's a shame, because her work was and remains prophetic, profound, and honest. John Lennon once said everyone knew who Yoko Ono was but nobody knew what she did. But what she does is create art - performance art, conceptual art, fine art, visual art, the written word, music - that moves people deeply and talks about what's going on on the inside. Yoko Ono's art is about communicating the inward outward, challenging peoplet o think about the world around them, and, of course, peace. I tend to see her pieces as being about peace --world peace, inner peace, peace and quiet.Plus, she's completely and totally provocative. What's not to love ?


Life is what happens when your busy making other plans. John Lennon
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